About LAS

Start the demo of Local Alarm System at the bottom of the screen.

If you are the first in your neighborhood to download the app and you invite your neighborhood to join you, then you are the administrator of a group. A group can be your neighborhood, but also your family, office, your sports club, etc. You can create several groups or participate in several groups. After entering your data (name, address, telephone number and email address) you can create a group (give it an easy name). If you have created the group, you can proceed by inviting people by entering email addresses of users or select contacts from your register. These people you invited, will receive an email with the request to participate  in your  group.
They can now download the app and enter a username and password which they have received by email. Then they register  their own data in LAS and they are ready for use.

If an emergency occurs, press the relevant alarm button, indicate the group you want to inform, and indicate where the danger arises. Everyone in the group will automatically receive a push message telling them what is going on.
The alarmed members of the group  can now respond easily through a push message.