LAS – Frequently asked questions

Question: How can I create an Alarm on my current location, with LAS app, and why should I use it ?
If you want to use the new functionality, in your LAS application, go to ALARM and choose for instance UNSAFE SITUATION. On the next screen you can select ON MY CURRENT LOCATION. There is a LOCK on this function and you will be asked if you want to buy it for € 1,99 on android phones or equivalent amount in local currency for a one-time fee. It’s free for Iphones. You will be asked to verify by typing your Apple_ID and password for checking of equivalent at Googleplaystore, if you really want to buy this function. Why should you buy this, only if you think that it is easy to make an Alarm on your GPS cellphone location. In the previous versions you could choose your own address or group member address. With his new function you can use it everywhere.

Question: I can’t login?
When you start the LAS application for the first time , you have to register first in order to get into the system. Make sure you are connected to the internet and make sure that you disable Caps-Lock. No special signs like !@#$%^& are allowed in a password.

Question: Sending invitations failed?
You are not the administrator of the group and therefore you can’t send invitations. To send an invitation to others, you have to be the administrator of the group. Administrators are indicated in red. You can ask the administrator to invite someone.

Question: No sound on push messages?
On the I-Phone go to settings, notification center, search for LAS in the list and choose a alert style(None, Banners or Alerts(preference) and turn all options to green. For Android you can select the volume switch On your screen a  bar will show up. Now you can press the setting wheel to set up the volume of the ringtone, media and notifications  (pushnotifications). Furthermore you go through ‘set ups’ to ‘more’ in the upper bar. Choose application management, select LAS and make a checkmark at ‘show notifications’.  The sound should be fine now! 

Question: How can I add a photo to my profile.
Go to your profile, press Edit. Select the image button to add a photo, than you can select a photo from your Camera Roll . Do not forget to save it.

Question: How do I delete a report or group?
To delete a report or group,
you can swipe the line you want to remove from the list.

Question : My alarm has a lock-sign in reports ?
These alarms are closed with a lock-sign by the person who created the alarm. You can only view the alarm or delete it from your reports by swiping it to the right.

Question : My invitation is rejected  in reports, even when I accept it?
If you have created a group, you are automatically a member of the group and administrator (name in Red). If you invite yourself in the same group you will be rejected, because you are already in the group. (next release solved) 

Question: What does a < sign at the top left side in groups / reports mean?
It means that there are multiple pages. Using the arrow, you can navigate to the previous page . Click < to return to the previous page of groups/ Reports.

Question: What happens to my data?
All your data is securely stored at a server at Amazon . The entered data are only visible to the members you have invited in your groups or to members of the groups in which you participate.

Question: Can LAS be used on an Ipad ?
Yes, You can download LAS in the Appstore, but it is designed as a iphone app.
Don’t forget to select it as an iphone app on your ipad appstore (left upper corner you can choose iphone apps also).

Question: How do I always get the last update of LAS? 
For Iphone go to settings, select Itunes & App Store select automatic downloads Apps and updates, for Android go to the Playstore, select top left, where there are three strips, click on it and you will see the start-page, go to settings (wheel) select second option apps automatic update and choose the third option only when wifi is available So you will have the last version of the app.

Question: Everytime I have to login at the loginpage when I left the app? 
If you use the Back-button you are asked  to login again, if you leave the app with the Home-button, you can restart LAS where you left.

Question: In Andriod can I use battery-optimalisation for app LAS individualy ?
If you use app optimalisation for LAS, you will not receive push-messages, so do not use App-optimalisation for LAS