Fire in the neighborhood?

Unsafe situation around
             your house?

A burglary in the neighborhood?

An accident in the street?

Keep your neighbors informed
                      with LAS

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Dear LAS and PAS users,

After the introduction in February 2014 of LAS and in 2017 of PAS we have made more than 10,000 people happy with our apps for neighborhood prevention and personal security. On May 25, 2018, the new law on Privacy comes into effect, we have always guaranteed the privacy of our users, but can not and do not want to make the investments to comply with this new legislation. The risks for us no longer weigh up against the investments and the fact that the number of users does not grow sufficiently, means that the apps will no longer work as of 25th of May 2018. Perhaps for some people Whatsapp can become a replacement. We wish you all a safe neighborhood


Erik Hamelink

PS We will erase all data of our users


NEW: PAS Panic alarm system  The answer on panic in appstore Clic here for more information


Prevention, simply by using LAS. All to often people in a neighborhood are not informed about incidents that have taken place at their neighbors home. When  a burglary, accident, fire or unsafe situation has occurred in the neighborhood, it is very well possible that next door neighbors are informed much later, or not at all.

LAS  has been developed to facilitate the possibility of informing neighbors and thus create opportunities to give immediate assistance in case of emergencies.  It is possible now to inform  your neighborhood within seconds with LAS Local Alarm System. It is possible now to inform your neighborhood within seconds with LAS Local Alarm System. Initiate LAS in your street. Download the app, register yourself and invite your neighborhood to download the app. You can sent your invitations through the app, using your register or by sending an email. To register, Simply fill out your name, telephone number, e-mail address and home address and you are ready to start a safer neighborhood.

This App can also be used for business communication, hospitals, nursing homes, shopping malls, companies etc.  As a family app it can be used for caring for the older ones through efficient communication.

LAS is a development of Man-IT Holding BV   It is a specialized ICT-company , with the aim to contribute to the safety feeling of all people.


In case of emergency, call the local emergency number of your country before using the App. This App does not replace calling the emergency number and is only functioning when you have an internet connection.
Man-IT-Holding is NOT responsible for the right use of the App and is never responsible for direct or indirect damage.
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